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The uses for gram scales are wide and varied. Many people looking for a digital scale make the mistake of thinking you can go to the local big box store such as walmart, costco, staples, and the like. The problem you will quickly find is most people only need scales that weigh in fractions of ounces. The majority of people looking for scales are using them for things like food, postage, bulk metals, etc so most big box stores only carry scales that weigh in increments of ounces. As some of you might have found, it can be nearly impossible to find gram scales at a traditional brick and mortar store. The only option that leaves you with is trying to find a scale at a local headshop, gas station, or online.

Let's first talk about buying a gram scale at local headshops. This is usually your best bet at finding a digital scale locally. Most headshops will stock a small variety of digital scales. They will usually have a handful of gram scales that weigh in increments of 0.01 grams or 0.1 grams. Both of those will work for most people looking for a gram scale. Heads usually stock one or two large platform scales. The two problems with buying a scale from a headshop is limited selection and high prices. Headshops are expensive to run. You have rent, heat and electric, furniture and fixtures, not to mention staff payroll and the owners profit. All those things add up to a lot of overhead. High overhead equals high prices. Stores usually have the highest profit margins on product they don't specialize in. For headshsops that means digital scales. Most scales sold at headshsop are whatever models they can buy cheapest wholesale. On top of that they have to make a good profit to cover all the overhead. All this means low quality scales at a high mark up. We have seen many base model scales selling for upwards of 50 to 60 dollars at headshops. For those reasons (lack of selection and low quality at high prices) makes buying a gram scale from a headshop an unwise financial decision.

The other place you can sometimes find scales are at gas stations however, you will find all the same problems as buying one from a headshop but with the added difficulty of finding a gas station that sells digital scales. They are usually found in the seedy areas of town.

So if you shouldn't buy a scale at a big box store, headshop, or sketchy gas station where should you buy a gram scale? That is a great question. And the answer is simple. Buy your scale online. There are a few choices for buying a scale online. The first is ebay. You can buy scales for cheap on ebay. However they are all mostly cheap Chinese knock offs that are all sold and shipped directly from china. Making returns difficult and the biggest problem is the three to four week wait time for your scale to make its way half way across the world. Since it is shipped from out of the country it will have to have "Digital scale" in big letters on the outside of the package. Less than stealthy no doubt.

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The best place to buy a digital scale online is from an online scale shop. We wont try and convince you to purchase a scale from our scale store. We will let you decide for yourself. We invite you to have a look around our website and we are confident you will see why we are the largest digital scale store online. We offer free shipping on all orders, 100 free baggies with every order, and discreet quick shipping, just to name a few things. Feel free to have a look around our store and see for yourself. Our most pocket scale categories are pocket scales, stealth scales, and large scales.