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The Matchbox

5 customer reviews   5

The Matchbox

Price: $24.95 & Free Shipping
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  • Two Models: 650x0.1g and 100x0.01g
  • Scale Size: 3.5x7.5x1.3cm
  • Platform Size: 3.5x4cm


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Product Description

When you thought we couldn't create a scale any smaller and stealther, we've done it again. This is a micro scale that can weigh as well as the full sized pocket scales. The Matchbox Scale gets its name because it is literally the size of a matchbox. Although this scale is very small it is surprisingly easy to place a solo cup on the surface to be used as an expansion tray to weigh ounces or even pounds. The Matchbox Scale ® is available in two different models and five different designs.

The Matchbox Scale runs on 1 CR2032 (watch style) battery which is included. Additional batteries are available and recommended as it can sometimes be difficult to find these batteries locally.

Calibration Weight
Matchbox 100 - 100 Gram
Matchbox 650 - 500 Gram
*Time is valuable, our scales are calibrated and ready-to-use out of the box.

Our scales are well constructed and built to last providing accurate readings for years to come. Scales can fall out of calibration so most of our customers invest in a calibration weight because we recommend verifying accuracy from time to time.



Product Information
Customer Reviews
Top Customer Reviews
5 customer reviews
I had high hopes for this scale. although i cant say it let me down because it does work and is very accurate but it can be hard to weigh on it because the surface is so small. i guess it really depends what you are trying to weigh with this scale as to how useful it will be for you.
By Valentina
Verified Purchase
5 customer reviews
well i thought i ordered a a scale that weighs to the hundredths of a gram but i accidentally ordered the wrong one. that was my bad i should have read the options better. the one good thing about this actual scale is it is tiny. you could take it anywhere and its very lite. i saw that one reviewer stated that it was super accurate and that is what moved me to buy this particular scale. the bad thing is that it is not easy to use. This scale is a waste of money in my opinion. if you dont use a something like a tray or cup you might as well just eye it out because it will take forever to weigh anything more than just a couple grams. i would return it but i lost the cover it came with. there are better scales out in this price range so i would recommend looking at other options if you dont care about size.
By Sofia
Verified Purchase
5 customer reviews
an awesome tiny, neat gadget. but im going to tell you it is SMALL. it's about the same size of a bic lighter, a little fater. but it weighs exceptionally good. it weighs a nickel at 5 grams every single time i use it. but i will say it appears to get a more accurate reading when you use a tray to weigh rather than placing it directly on the platform. nevertheless it's a great little scale, easy to carry but just dont lose it. mine came in the club addition.
By Aya
Verified Purchase
5 customer reviews
I purchased the smoke shop design and like it, this scale fits the bill and does the job, it is indeed a stealth scale
By Mario
Verified Purchase
5 customer reviews
My order was dropped off today. The ship time was very speedy - the scale itself seems to work good. it is very tiny. I did not realize HOW small this thing actually is. this is truly a micro scale no doubt. It does weigh up to 600 grams so I was able to balance a paper cup on it and thats been working good so far. For those gents looking for a scale they can just stash away with no thought this is your scale. the only reason I didnt give this 5 stars is because I am CERTAIN I will loss it because its so small and my medicine (hehehe) makes me very forgetful. I will probably buy another one if I lose this one (fingers crossed)
By Adrián C.
Verified Purchase

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