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SC Series

11 customer reviews   11

SC Series

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  • Two Models: 2000x0.1g and 500x0.01g
  • Scale Size: 13x10x2cm
  • Platform Size: 10x10cm
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Product Description

The new SC Series scales are built tough for those big jobs. What makes this scale so great is the largest platforms of any of our precision pocket scales. It has a massive 4" x 4" stainless steel platform. If that wasn't enough the SC scale also comes with two different protective covers that can be used as an expansion tray for even more surface area.

Most people love the SC Scale because it is our only pocket scale that can run on an AC power cord (included) or batteries so you never have to worry about needing batteries. This is one of the things that sets the SC Series apart from other pocket scales. A pocket scale that only runs on batteries is fine until the batteries die and you need to use your scale. In a pinch the SC Series scales will be there for you.

Calibration Weight
SC 500 - 200g + 400g
SC 2000 - 1000g + 2000g
*Time is valuable, our scales are calibrated and ready-to-use out of the box.

All of our scales are well constructed and built to provide accurate readings for years to come. Most of our customers invest in a calibration weight because we recommend verifying accuracy from time to time as scales can fall out of calibration.


Product Information
Platform Dimensions
Scale Dimensions
Customer Reviews
Accuracy 500x0.01g or 2000x 0.1g
Platform Dimensions 4.0" x 4.0" (10.2 x 10.2 cm)
Scale Dimensions 5.0" x 4.1" x 0.7" (12.7 x 10.4 x 2 cm)
Units grams (g), ounces (oz), carat weight (ct), and pennyweight (dwt)
Batteries AC Power Cord or 2 AAA
Color Silver
Top Customer Reviews
11 customer reviews
I needed a scale for food portions that was porable and accurate. This easily fit my needs and budget. Can also weight packages under 2 lbs. Easy to use and came calibrated.
By Ward Rego
Denver, Colorado
Verified Purchase
11 customer reviews
I use it as a dietary scale for measuring food and such, also for figuring doses of home capsule herbal remedies. the tenth of a gram accuracy is good for foodies and if you use capsules you need about 500 or so to get a reading.

Not bad at all...
By Lee Colmenero
Columbus, Ohio
Verified Purchase
11 customer reviews
Couple other scales in this price range but they all seem to be finicky, and I like this one because of the instructions on the lid of the case. Would highly recommend
By Warren Macgregor
El Paso, Texas
Verified Purchase
11 customer reviews
I've had this scale for a couple of weeks now and have had no trouble with it at all. I was skeptical about the purchase because there seemed to be a couple of pretty critical reviews, But no problems at all with it. The scale works very well and good price from what I have seen locally. Shipped super fast too. A+
By Henry Hass
Seattle, Washington
Verified Purchase
11 customer reviews
I love how large the weight tray surface is. makes weighing 1/8ths very easy. I have had no problems with the scale so far but Ive only used it for a few days so we shall see. so far so good.
By Shelby
Verified Purchase
11 customer reviews
I got the .01 model and it works flawless. I am very happy with my purchase. Would recommend to my friends.
By Zack B.
Verified Purchase
11 customer reviews
... is accurate and consistent. Tare function allows for the use of different containers to work with However the scale does appear to have problems measuring small incremental changes. I should have ordered the 500x0.01 model instead. the scale is very accurate it just has problems measuring small changes
By Spanky
Verified Purchase
11 customer reviews
the scale showed an error code when i took it out of the box. couldnt get it to work. contacted customer service and they said they will send out a new one next business day. we shall see. im dissapointed in the scale but the customer service seems to be very good. they emailed me back within 10 minutes. hope I have better luck with the new unit.
By jose chaves
Verified Purchase
11 customer reviews
I like this scale so far. The power cord is a good feature. I hate buying new batteries for my gadgets so that is probably the main reason I ordered this scale. The second reason is how big the platform to weigh in is. Ive found no other pocket scale with such a big surface. I would give it 5 stars the buttons were bigger.
By steve peterson
Verified Purchase
11 customer reviews
doooooooooooooooooppppppppppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. 'nuff said
By Jstoner
Verified Purchase
11 customer reviews
So I just got my scale today and wanted to come on here and leave a review.

It appears the scale is well made. Certainly not cheap china crap like you usually see now-a-days. The bene's of this scale are the large surface, the two trays it came with, and the added power cord. The negatives are the lcd display is small and can be hard to read if you have poor eyesight like I do and the autoshut off feature can be rather annoying.
By T-Bone
Verified Purchase

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