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Mini 600

30 customer reviews   30

Mini 600

Price: $16.74 & Free Shipping
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  • One Model: 500x0.1g
  • Scale Size: 9x6x2cm
  • Platform Size: 7x7cm
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Product Description

The Mini 600 is our customers favorite mini pocket scale because of how inexpensive and reliable it is. The mini 600 packs a big punch in a small package with a 600 gram capacity and precision of 1/10th of a gram (0.1g).

This scale is simple, easy to use, and has no unneeded extras. The protective cover slids off transforming it into an expansion tray for those bigger jobs. When you are finished place the cover on and drop it into your bag without fear of it getting damaged.

This makes the Mini 600 the ultimate travel scale for those on a budget looking for a scale that will get the job done without any unnecessary extras.

Calibration Weight
Mini 600 - 500g
*Time is valuable, our scales are calibrated and ready-to-use out of the box.

All of our scales are well constructed and built to provide accurate readings for years to come. Most of our customers invest in a calibration weight because we recommend verifying accuracy from time to time as scales can fall out of calibration.


Product Information
Platform Dimensions
Scale Dimensions
Customer Reviews
Accuracy 500x.01g
Platform Dimensions 2.8" x 2.8" (7.1 x 7.1 cm)
Scale Dimensions 3.5" x 2.4" x 0.8" (8.9 x 6.1 x 2 cm)
Units grams (g), ounces (oz), carat weight (ct), grain (gn), and pennyweight (dwt)
Batteries 2 AAA
Color Black
Top Customer Reviews
30 customer reviews
not very happy with this scale. the surface is too small.
By Lisa
--, --
Verified Purchase
30 customer reviews
dropped it when I was opening the package and it is now in two pieces. guess i got 2 scales for the price of 1. lucky me
bonneville, MA
Verified Purchase
30 customer reviews
Still working good after 3 years, though I do rarely use it (so I can't really speak for how long the buttons last). It still weighs objects precisely when measured repeatedly, even though I do weigh other objects, turn the scale off and on, put more objects on and it is always accurate, At least for me.
By Junior
SanFran, California
Verified Purchase
30 customer reviews
Scale is great as long as you don't go over 1KG. Grams, Diamond Weight, Troy Oz, Oz, and karats I believe. I would rather have had the grain option. I use mine on the daily, and have compared its accuracy to at least 5 other scales. both mechanical and electric and this one is always dead on.
By Jeff Hart
Spruce Pine, North Carolina
Verified Purchase
30 customer reviews
Works great with any amount and is accurat. Has a tara button that allows you to weigh the container first,a nd then you can add any herbs into the container without the weight of the container. works very well for me.
By Brad Lockheart
Irvine, California
Verified Purchase
30 customer reviews

Just went to check the mail and had a little present waiting for me :) this thing is tiny! when they say pocket scale they mean it! It is smaller than my wallet, although a little thicker.

+ Large capacity of 5000 grams with a .1 gram resolution. so for example it would read 23.3 grams. has a few other weighing modes but I would never use those.
+ Weighing surface is pretty large compared to overall size of the scale.
+ micro! fits basically anywhere!
+ sleek black color and easy to clean
+ Nice cover that doubles as a tray.
+ easy to read display
+ constructed of plastic, nice and light
+ simple to figure out and it was ready to go out of the box with batteries included (which is rare these days!)
+ tare functionality
+ it came with free shipping and free baggies
+ 2 AAA batteries, not those impossible to find watch battery types!
+ Big and easy to press buttons
+ gets er done! (the job that is)

- scale will auto power down after a few seconds of inacitivity. can be kind of annoying but I suppose it will save your batteries.
- since its so small it might be hard to weigh larger items. Although I would imagine you could use a tub or something as an expansion tray.
- made of plastic so it will probably break from a high fall or become inaccurate. However for the price its not a big deal to buy a new one.
- a super slight change in weights sometimes, such as: 12.7 grams then after several seconds shows 12.6 or 12.8 grams. and then usually goes back to 12.7 grams. so if you are using this for professional items (like weighing gold and such) I would suggest going with a better more accurate model but it works great for my needs. Its not like multiple grams off.
- it took over 5 days to get it to me. I was hoping for a little fasting ship time but I opted for the free shipping options instead of the rush options.

With everything said this is a good scale for a great price. I am planning on buyying a couple more for back ups.

If you need a very small pocket scale that is accurate you really dont need to look any further.
By Ben
littlerock, c.o.
Verified Purchase
30 customer reviews
No complaints about this scale besides it seems cheaply made but it does work well so I guess I cant complain too much.
By Johnni
None of, your business
Verified Purchase
30 customer reviews
overall i would say im happy with my purchase. would buy again and would recommend to my friends and family if they needed to buy a digital scale
By lucilla
san bernardino, ca
Verified Purchase
30 customer reviews
scale is ight
By Man Rugh
atlanta, georgia
Verified Purchase
30 customer reviews
this is a wonderful scale for the $. me like scales. me like scales. me like to weigh things. mmmmkay.
By Kevin Cloninger
Kansas City, missouri
Verified Purchase
30 customer reviews
it doesnt come with anything to calibrate the scale. it was calibrated out of the box but still nice to have one. works perfect. id recommend this
By Sharita
littleton, mi
Verified Purchase
30 customer reviews
it weighs everything very nicely. easy to read backlit screen. I would say this is a really solid scale work wonderful. I would recommend this.
By phyliss
waterboro, maine
Verified Purchase
30 customer reviews
jeez! when they say pocket scale, boy do they mean it! I bought this because I have to measure out food. this scale does a fantastic job and doesnt take up much space at all.
By January
chesapeake, va
Verified Purchase
30 customer reviews
good product
By minda
colorado springs, colorado
Verified Purchase
30 customer reviews
this scale was exactly what i needed. It is small enough to fit in my purse and luggage and ever a small carry-on bag for the traveler. Small weight scale so dont except it to handle something bulky and heavy. would make a great mail scalle too! the shipping was fast.
By Pedro Chartier
lawnsdale, az
Verified Purchase
30 customer reviews
great product at a great price. compact size and accuracy were surprising for the price paid. I plan to purchase another one soon
By adrianna
phoenix, az
Verified Purchase
30 customer reviews
works great for weighing herbs and perfect for field use. My buds are happy and when it comes to efficient economics it cannot be beat
By Twanda Mazurek
Mulwaukee, Wisconsin
Verified Purchase
30 customer reviews
it works great for the money but if youre looking for a high quality scale id spend a little bit more.
By Carter
St paul, mn
Verified Purchase
30 customer reviews
I didnt expect much for the cheap price and it disappointed for sure. Did not even work out of the box. I wouldnt even waste your money on this thing. Maybe I was just unlucky or something happened in the mail but I am disappointed. I emailed support and they said they would send a free replacement so I guess its not all bad.
By Marion James
Oakland, Cali
Verified Purchase
30 customer reviews
It's amazing! very hard to believe something this small can work this well, but alast it does! The price is great too! Thanks a ton gents!
By Natalia
Rochester, N. York
Verified Purchase
30 customer reviews
it is pretty cool for how much it is but the only problem is it doesnt weigh correctly which is a big problem. maybe I just got a lemon but its not a bad scale overall. I still use it even though its a tad bit off so it is handy to have fofr as cheap as it is.
By Bruce Jordan
Honolulu, hawaii
Verified Purchase
30 customer reviews
this pocket digital scale required no setup and seems accurate. Worth buying as it seems accurate and small. if a lot of use is required id recommend a larger heavier duty scale though.
By Wendi Allen
Columbus , Ohio
Verified Purchase
30 customer reviews
I bought this scale for home brewing root bear. But for my purpose it is too small. I have to use a jerry rigged platform so I can put a container on top and then the container gets in the way of the display. Otherwise the scale does work as advertised but I should have thought about it before i ordered it. I thought I would leave a review so this doesnt happen to someone else while im here buying a large scale like I should have from the beginning. I do want to say that the scale was shipped to me quickly so kudos to
By Chenai Alexis
Buffalo, New York
Verified Purchase
30 customer reviews
For the price of this scale it would be hard to beat this little guy. It has already helped me avoid paying to much for some gold at an auction. very nice!
By Sanjay
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Verified Purchase
30 customer reviews
This is a excellent little pocket scale. I want to say the pix just doesnt give the true impression of how compact this tiny marvel is. I would say it truly is a pocket scale. Unlike so many other pocket scales this one uses easy to find standard AAA batteries. I ordered two of these scales and a calbration weigh and they were both spot-on out of the box. I confirmed the readings with a few different calibration weights (I bought the calibration weight kit and it is awesome). Frankly for the price I considered these things throwaway toys but was actually pleasantly surprised to find them not only very useful but actually accurate enough for serious use. this scale is an incredible bargain.

note : it does come with batteries which is a major plus but the batteries are installed with this plastic cover probably to avoid any battery leakage/rundown issues so youll need to remove the plastic from the battery bay before the first time you use it.
By Alayna
New Orleans, LA
Verified Purchase
30 customer reviews
This scale is light and small and overall easy to use. For the purpose of weighing small things it works great. It cannt be used for large things or heavy items.
By Jamie
Parowan, Utah
Verified Purchase
30 customer reviews
No complaints about the scale so far, it works pretty good and is accurate for the most part. Cant really think of anything negative to say about the scale. It is small but I wanted a small scale so if you are looking for a large pocket scale this is not the one to buy. If you want something small and accurate then it is a good buy.
By Ian Cuni
St Paul, MN
Verified Purchase
30 customer reviews
superb scale for the price - overall happy with my purchase.

Would order again
By Johnny Bunett
San Francisco, CA
Verified Purchase
30 customer reviews
I purchased this small pocket scale a week ago and I must say it is Fantastic!! It is very accurate as I compared measurements between my other scale which has a resolution of 0.01 grams and this one which has a resolution of 0.1 grams. It certainly meets all of my needs and is also highly mobile. It is great going to coin shows and pawn stores looking for gold and silver coins and keeping fake gold and silver out of my hands. Thank you herbscales.....
By Anvur
Verified Purchase
30 customer reviews
Simple. Basic. Does what it should. weighs stuff. nice.
By Aryan
Verified Purchase

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