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Micro 2.0

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Micro 2.0

Price: $47.99 & Free Shipping
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  • One Model: 20x0.001g
  • Scale Size: 7.6 x13x2cm
  • Platform Size: Diameter 3.3cm


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Product Description

The Micro 2.0 is our customers most popular entry level milligram scale because it offers pinpoint accuracy at an affordable price.

This scale weighs in increments of .001g (1/1000th of a gram) so it is best for weighing precious metals and expensive powders. The Micro 2.0 comes with a quality carrying case to make travel easy and a hard plastic protective cover to prevent damage to the weighing surface.

If you are in need of a quality milligram scale at an affordable price you cannot go wrong with the micro 2.0.

Note: The Micro 2.0 isn't ideal for weighing herbs because the weighing platform is small (1.3" or 3.3cm), it's intended for precise metals or powders. If you need a precise scale with a large platform see our 0.01g (1/100th of a gram) scales.

Calibration Weight
Micro 2.0 - 10g (included)
*Time is valuable, our scales are calibrated and ready-to-use out of the box.

Our scales are well constructed and built to last providing accurate readings for years to come. Scales can fall out of calibration so most of our customers invest in a calibration weight because we recommend verifying accuracy from time to time.


Product Information
Platform Dimensions
Scale Dimensions
Customer Reviews
Accuracy 20x0.001g
Platform Dimensions 1.3" Diameter (3.3 cm)
Scale Dimensions 3.0" x 5.0" x 0.8" (7.6 x 12.7 x 2 cm)
Units grams (g), pennyweight (dwt), carat weight (ct), and grain (gn)
Batteries 4 AAA
Color Black
Top Customer Reviews
1 customer reviews
This scale is so on point its ridiculous, and in a good way. You could weigh out a piece of hair on this scale. Really a great buy for anyone who wants to weigh any small amounts>> 0.000 ; You literally can way out 1/5th or a 1/4th of a .1 if you wanted to with this scale!? Its a great buy and won't be disappointed!
By JoeSmoFromIdaho
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