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HEX 3000

7 customer reviews   7

HEX 3000

Price: $199.99 & Free Shipping
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  • Two Models: 3000x0.1g and 500x0.1g
  • Scale Size: 18x23x7cm
  • Platform Size: 14.5x14.5cm
  • Bowl Volume: 3/4 gallon (3 Liters)
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Product Description

The HEX scale is a high end bench scale designed for precise accuracy when weighing large quantities. With the HEX scale you can finish a 20 minute job on a pocket scale in less than one minute with the exact same precision.

The problem with many different large platform scales is they only weigh in 1 gram increments so they don't offer precise measurements. The HEX scale doesn't have that problem because it is accurate down to 1/10th of a gram (0.1g) while still maintaining an incredible capacity of 3000 grams (almost 7 pounds)

To make things even easier the HEX comes standard with a large removable weighing bowl that can easily fit ounces of herbs at a time.

The HEX is our best selling high end digital scale because of the quality and ease of use it offers. The buttons are simple to use, the screen is large and easy to read, and it comes with an AC adaptor so you can plug it in and not worry about replacing batteries. When you want to take it on the go just unplug it from the wall and let it run on battery power.

Calibration Weight
HEX 500 - 500g
HEX 3000 - 3000g
*Time is valuable, our scales are calibrated and ready-to-use out of the box.

Our scales are well constructed and built to last providing accurate readings for years to come. Scales can fall out of calibration so most of our customers invest in a calibration weight because we recommend verifying accuracy from time to time.

Product Information
Platform Dimensions
Scale Dimensions
Customer Reviews
Accuracy 500x0.1g or 3000gx0.1g
Platform Dimensions 5.7" x 5.7" (14.47 x 14.47 cm)
Scale Dimensions 7.0" x 9.0" x 2.7" (17.78 x 22.86 x 6.85 cm)
Units grams (g), ounces (oz), and pounds (lbs)
Batteries AC Power Cord or 6 AA
Color Black
Top Customer Reviews
7 customer reviews
This is an amazing scale. 5 1/8" x 3" x 3/4" closed, weigh area is 3" x 2". It is nice that it can be calibrated, allowing you to adjust for your preference; you will need a 500g calibration weight to do so. I did buy a bunch of calibration scales when I ordered this to make sure that it was accurate, however Out of the box the scale was accurate. It easily weighed within what most consider tolerence (0.1) for everything I tested it with (500g, 200g, 100g, 50g, 20g, 10g, 5g) up to 1kg total. When above the 1kg mark it was off by a few tents of a gram. Above 1100g it gives the error I think which is to protect the mechanism of the scale. I still would highly recommend this. If you need something higher then get a postal scale or something.
By Damian the great
West Valley, Utah
Verified Purchase
7 customer reviews
The seller asked me to review the product if I had a good purchase. So I am doing that now, I have had the scale for a month and I can say it's a good scale. Shipped pretty fast.

Update August 2015

I am still using the same batteries and I have had no issues with the scale. Thanks herbscales!
By Freddy
yonkers, NY
Verified Purchase
7 customer reviews
The scale works great. I bought the calibration weight and it was off by like .1 out of the box and I am not going to recalibrate for something like that. highly recommend.
By zach lane
columbus, georgia
Verified Purchase
7 customer reviews
I use it for jewlery and to check shipping weights. I don't measure anything heavy on it but it's great for small items and such.
By Stacy Alexis
portland, oregon
Verified Purchase
7 customer reviews
well it's a scale. Works perfectly and I don't get the incorrect weights anywhere on the scale. I would recommend everyone buy this object it has a bowl and makes weighing really easy.

I don't give 5 stars on anything. Does what it's supposed to.
By Kent hasting
fontana, ca
Verified Purchase
7 customer reviews
I didn't have a scale for work and needed one. After reading the reviews I really didn't want to spend the money and risk a scale (Seemed to good to be true). However this scale lives up to the reviews and I am glad I got it. Would highly recommend seller. Was fast at answering my questions and shipping was quick
By Henry Louis
richmond, virginia
Verified Purchase
7 customer reviews
the first thing i noticed when i unpackaged this is how hefty it is. it has some weight to it. so it seems to be nice quality. the only thing about this scale i dont like is it takes like 5 seconds to actually turn on because it does some werid calibration thing. so if you dont mind waiting 5 seconds for your scale to turn on then i would definitely recommend this scale.
By Shu-fen
Verified Purchase

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