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HB 6

10 customer reviews   10

HB 6

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  • One Model: 2,500x0.5g
  • Scale Size: 21x21x4.6cm
  • Bowl Size: 14x23x25cm
  • Bowl Capacity: 1 Gallon (4L)
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Product Description

The HB Scale is a great kitchen companion. It features the largest weighing bowl of any digital scale we offer with a gigantic 4 Liter (1 US Gallon) capacity.

The HB Scale itself is very sleek so it can be stashed away with ease. The LCD display is straight forward and easy to view.

Calibration Weight
HB 6 - 1000g
*Time is valuable, our scales are calibrated and ready-to-use out of the box.

Our scales are well constructed and built to last providing accurate readings for years to come. Scales can fall out of calibration so most of our customers invest in a calibration weight because we recommend verifying accuracy from time to time.

Product Information
Platform Dimensions
Scale Dimensions
Bowl Volume
Customer Reviews
Accuracy 2500x.5g
Platform Dimensions 5.5" x 9.0" x 10.2" (14 x 22.9 x 25.9 cm)
Scale Dimensions 8.1" x 8.5" x 1.8" (20.6 x 21.6 x 4.6 cm)
Units ounces (oz) and grams (g)
Batteries 1 CR2032
Color Black with clear bowl
Bowl Volume 1 gallon (4 liters)
Top Customer Reviews
10 customer reviews
My only complaint is the batteries it came with are those cheap china ones. I replaced them knowing this because I hate looking for batteries. Still this scale is bomb and works perfect. Wooooo!
By Shane
topeka, kansas
Verified Purchase
10 customer reviews
Great scale, Wish the surface area was a little bigger (If you put something on the top of it and zero, like a bowl. You can't see the numbers) Still very happy with the purchase.
By ben
concord, NH
Verified Purchase
10 customer reviews
This scale is great for the office. Measuring mail and such, I did get the calibration weight (heh didn't need it), Now the calibration weight is a desk weight. The scale has stayed accurate for awhile.
By Danny Kinch
Shroomland, BoomLand
Verified Purchase
10 customer reviews
At first I thought I would have to calibrate, however after reading reviews I don't! If you do need to calibrate the instructions are on the inside of the scale case, Take care of this scale and it will take care of you! Extremely happy with my purchase.
By Reed Thiede
Stamford, CT
Verified Purchase
10 customer reviews
This scale got to me in perfect condition. No batteries needed, NO need to calibrate, since it came calibrated. A dollar measured out ot 1g and a nickle was 4.9. I read some review somewhere saying you don't want to calibrate with a nickel though.
By Waldo
New Haven, CT
Verified Purchase
10 customer reviews
Use the scale for making gum/clay figurines. Thinking about getting another for food as some recommended. The scale is actually pretty big. A pocket scale would have been better; didn't think it was that big of a scale.
By Seth
Thornton, Colorado
Verified Purchase
10 customer reviews
As it came from the factory, I got a 500.5 gram weight reading for the calibration. After I calibrated the scale, I got a reading of 499.9 grams. I'll let you choose whether or not you think it needs calibration (Should still get the weights though). I still wanted weights to calibrate later if I needed to. The resolution is amazing and the accuracy is dead on. Glad I got this product.
By Fred Savala
somewhere, Colorado
Verified Purchase
10 customer reviews
Great scale for items under 2.2lbs or so. It can be calibrate with a 500gram weight but it came out of box very accurate. Thanks!
By Mayland
Wells, Maine
Verified Purchase
10 customer reviews
I got my order today the scale seems to work alright. It doesnt seem to be the most accurate because it only weigh to half grams so you cant really weigh smaller items on it which I was a little let down about but i really should have read the product description better :'(. that is my fault though so not marks against the scale for that. The one good thing I will say is how quick my order came. I ordered it on tuesday and I had it on friday (3 days later!) so I will give it 5 stars just because of the service thanks guys I appreciate it.
By Ben Thomas
Verified Purchase
10 customer reviews
scale is small. bowl is large. would buy again.
By Maxim Man
Verified Purchase

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