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Sleek Look, Superior Functionality

The EZ-650 features a sleek and stylish design with a stainless steel weighing surface that is simple to clean and helps to resist sticky buildup. The EZ-650 isn't just a pretty face, it comes standard with our class leading I-2 sensor technology to ensure accuracy each and everytime you use it.

No longer second guess if your scale is accurate and your measurements are correct. The EZ-650 will let you know if it ever becomes inaccurate or out of calibration with our patented C.W.S. (Calibration Warning System.)

  • LCD with Accubright backlight - Easy to read from any distance or angle.
  • Four High Precision I-2 Sensors - Consistent and accurate measurements from 0.1 grams up to 650 grams.
  • Generic Batteries, (performance duracell batteries available)  expansion tray, and 10 year warranty included.

What's Included?

  • EZ-650 scale.
  • Free shipping.
  • Batteries.
  • Expansion Tray
  • Free Baggies
  • Joy of not eyeballing weights.
  • Instruction Manual.
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • 365 day return policy - free returns too!


Large Capacity, Precise Measurements

The EZ-650 offers a 650 gram capacity - great if you want to use a cup or bowl as an expansion tray for those big messy jobs. It is accurate down to 0.1 grams (1/10th of a gram) so you always know you aren't giving away too much or too little.

Removable Expansion Tray and Protective Cover

The EZ-650 comes with its own expansion tray that doubles as a protective cover. The cover goes perfectly over the delicate weighing surface to create a snug fit; very useful for three reasons.

  1. Take it on-the-go and not worry about it becoming inaccurate due to damage of weighing sensors.
  2. Prevent debris from getting underneath the scales weight tray.
  3. Snug fit so you don't have to worry about the cover flying off just because you looked at it too long.

The cover isn't just for protection, it has functionality as well. Simply flip it over, place it on the scales surface, and press the "tare" button to zero it out. Presto! You always have an expansion tray with you to make those big jobs that much quicker and easier.

Informative Display

The EZ-650 offers an onscreen warning system to let you know if there is trouble on the horizon

  • The Calibration Warning System will let you know if the scale becomes out of calibration, forget about ever worrying if your scale is "off" without you knowing.
  • Maximum capacity warning to let you know when you reached the scales capacity - preventing it from overload damage to the weight sensors.
  • Low battery feature to let you know when it's time to change those batteries!

Unmatched Warranty

The EZ-650 comes with's Iron Clad 10 Year Warranty. You will never have to worry if your investment is protected and you can forever say goodbye to being "upsold" on an extended warranty. All purchases are backed with the same 10 year warranty that our customers have come to know and love. Click to learn more about's satisfication guarantee and warranty.

In A Nut Shell

Overall the EZ-650 is a fantastic digital pocket scale for those that need something that is accurate, has a large weight capacity, comes with an expansion tray and a number of useful features. You simply cannot go wrong with this scale.


  • Size

The total dimensions of the EZ-650 is 5.3" x 2.8" x .7" (13.4 x 7.1 x 2cm)  and the dimensions of the weighing surface is 2.8" x 3.3" (7.1 x 8.4cm).

  • Accuracy

The EZ-650 comes in one version that is accurate from 0.1 grams (1/10th of a gram) to 650 grams.

  • Units

The EZ-650 weighs in the following units of measurement; Grams (g), ounces (oz), troy ounces (ozt), and pennyweight (dwt).

  • Tare

The EZ-650 offers the tare functionally letting you place a cup, bowl, baggie, banana, or whatever and "zero" it out. This enables you to use any container as an expanded weighing surface to make weighing large amounts a breeze.

  • Batteries

The EZ-650 runs on 2 AAA batteries, which are included. We do sell additional high performance Duracell batteries at a value discount, as well as the very environmentally friendly rechargeable battery kits - help us keep batteries out of landfills!


Unlike all the companies making cheap knock offs of our products, our scales all come precalibrated and ready to use out of the box to save you time and energy. You will only need a calibration weight to recalibrate.  We do however recommend that you invest in at least one calibration weight in order to check for accuracy from time to time.

  • To recalibrate your EZ-650 scale you will need a 500 gram calibration weight. You can easily add one to your order via the dropdown menu at the top of the page.
Product Reviews
This scale seems accurate and is very handy for weighing yarn. I knit socks and need to divide the yarn balls into halves to ensure enough yarn for the second sock. Easily fits into my knitting bag and carriable.
- Brian
San Antonio, Texas
5/5 Stars 26 reviews
I use this in the kitchen to get better measurements in baking. So far it is very good. I also have a 500 gram calibration weight, and the scale continues to hold accuracy. My only complaint with this product is that the weighing platform is not removable; it would be much easier to keep clean if the platform was removable. Otherwise, this has been a good buy; a quality product at a reasonable price.
- Chase
Los Angeles, California
5/5 Stars 26 reviews
Nice scale and very affordable (Get 2 you and you wont be dissapointed). I have no reference to full test its accuracy, but the scale is very precise so far. Positioning on the scale does not effect anything either. Looks very professional in general, but the buttons are clearly cheap. The buttons will likely wear out and are difficult to push; so far I have had no problems though. Mine was silver plastic, not black as pictured stated but still great buy.
- Banks
5/5 Stars 26 reviews
Best darn scale for your buck.
- Chelsey
Watertown, MA
5/5 Stars 26 reviews
exactly what it says it was. its accurate and cheap! if you leave something on the scale for more than like 30 seconds the weight will sometimes change tho
- Tyisha
3/5 Stars 26 reviews
as Mona Lisa Vito would say this scale is DEAD ON BALLS ACCURATE!! DEAD ON BALLS ACCURATE says Vinny Gambini? Its a technical term says Mona Lisa Vito. thats all you need to know about this scale.
- Corey
Huntington, New York
5/5 Stars 26 reviews
great price and works great for what im using this scale for. however i wouldnt use it for something that requires a great deal of ac curacy as it only weighs to .1 gram. I use it to check shipping weight on small jewelry packages I ship.
- Alene
upstate, newyork
4/5 Stars 26 reviews
great lil scale. accurate and simple to use. only negative was after a day of use I dropped it and the hinges broke and the cover came off. but the rest is still going very strong
- Jefferey Reder
cedarhill, alabama
4/5 Stars 26 reviews
I rated this scale 3 stars because it doesnt come with a calibration weight to check for accuracy.
- Kirby Turco
fresno, CA
3/5 Stars 26 reviews
worst purchase ever! JOKING! I love this scale. very accurate...lightweight....pocket scale...what more could you ask for? well actually I do wish the platform had a skirt around the edges so my stuff wont fall off. I highly recommend
- Gil Middendorf
st louis, missouri
5/5 Stars 26 reviews
very satisfied with my purchase. great accuarte product. just what I needed! thank you!
- Norene Cottrill
chandler, arizona
4/5 Stars 26 reviews
conveieintally sized scale. can fit in the back pocket of a pair of jeans. unless your a beta who wears ultra skinny jeans.
- Harmony Howard
littleton, colorado
4/5 Stars 26 reviews
great price quality product
- Olga Cail
pittsbirg, pa
5/5 Stars 26 reviews
like it a lot. id say to opt for the extras batteries for 2 bucks more. the ones that came with the actual scale are pretty much junk. they stopped working after a couple weeks. the extra batteries were really good quality tho (duracell i believe). would have rated it 5 stars if the batteries that came with it werent junk.
- Trenton Haithcock
san jose, cali
3/5 Stars 26 reviews
easy and clear to read and to use it
- Gil Middendorf
orlando, florida
4/5 Stars 26 reviews
gets errr done. no complaints yet
- Ronald Stinger
springfield, mi
5/5 Stars 26 reviews
I ordered 3 of these and when they arrived one wouldnt turn on. turns out the batteries were faulty. new batteries corrected the problem. so to anyone that gets broken scale CHECK THE BATTERIES first ;) peace out playaaaa
- Kimiko
hell, hell
5/5 Stars 26 reviews
- Annette Wine
akron, OH
5/5 Stars 26 reviews
was a little scared to trust it so i bought a calibration weight. did some gauge studies and my scale is quire accurate and repeatable.
- Kelli Churchwell
Anchorage, Alaska
4/5 Stars 26 reviews
Pros : compact and pretty easy to use. it came calibrated which was nice. I did buy a calibration weight just to be sure though.

Cons : the LCD screen could be brighter to make reading it a little easier.

overall I would recommend this scale to friends and family.
- John Sells
3/5 Stars 26 reviews
this scale is too good to be true!! i cant believe i got such a good scale for such a low price. its very accurate and handy and a tip for ya'll: turn the scale off and back on in between measuring things if your going to be measuring more than one item at a time to help assure accuracy. this thing rocks!
- Baze
5/5 Stars 26 reviews
the scale was a little heavier then i expected (which is a good thing) i like that the cover doubles as an tray to add more weighing area. i would say overall this scale kicks butt, if you havent yet invested in a digi you should get this one cus its super handy and awesomely priced. my guess would be that this scale costs over 50 bucks in stores. if you feel like calibrating the scale make sure you read the manual lol :p took me some time to figure it out before i realized it showed you how to in the manual.
- online shopper
4/5 Stars 26 reviews
The only negative I found with this scale is the auto shut off feature can be a little to quick which can be irritating. it does work great and has been easy to use and travel with. good bargain.
- Hayden
4/5 Stars 26 reviews
Worth the money for a nice little scale. It weighs right on the money and has a nice lil tray
- Cook
5/5 Stars 26 reviews
a nice digital scale for sure!
- connor
4/5 Stars 26 reviews
scale works good for the price. it does state that it is not for trade.
- sarah
3/5 Stars 26 reviews

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