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The story started long before existed.  The's story is best told through the eyes of our founder, Chad. So let us have him tell you how it all began.

"As a young child I never envisioned I would become the founder of the largest online herbal scale retailer. I thought about things like accountant, dentist, or even ballet dancer; you know, the normal things boys dream about doing when they grow up. Fast forward a few years later to high school in a small town in rural Maine.  I started to realize maybe that's not what I wanted to do. I didn't have any better ideas, but I knew it wasn't any of those. Come senior year I was very much into the internet. I would constantly be searching for what the internet had to offer. That is when I stumbled into

     Being the entrepreneur I was, I thought to myself, what can I buy online and sell to my classmates to make some extra money? I knew alot of kids that had those old triple beam scales. I'm sure they were using them to weigh out - ahhh, school supplies and stuff ;-) and I thought to myself what if I can sell them a digital scale? So I checked ebay; sure enough, I could buy cheap digital scales direct from China for 20 bucks a each. They sold for over $60 at local stores so I knew I could sell them at a good mark up. I ordered five different scales. Four long weeks later they arrived. One of the five came busted to peices. Even so, that was four (working) scales for only $100. I quickly sold them for $40 each and had doubled my initial investment within a weeks time with very little work. Unfortunately within 6 months all the people I sold them too said they stopped working. That is when I realized two things. First, there was a big market for digital scales. Second, most digital scales are of low quality.

     I continued on with my life and went off to college within giving digital scales another thought. Until I met my business partner Sanket. He was from India and his father ran a wholesale business out of Los Angeles, California. Come to find out he actually specialized in digital scales. On spring break we decided to fly out to LA (instead of Cancun like the rest of our friends) and talk with him in person about running a website for digital scales. We had a meeting with him and I told him my past experience and I said that I would only be interested if he had a selection of quality scales all backed with warranties. I didn't want a repeat of what happened last time. He assued me that he had a select amount of quality scales (a slight premium to lesser quality scales he sold) but if I was willing to pay the price I could rest assured I would only receive quality products to sell. And so it began...."

  Chad - Owner & Operater