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Digital Herb Scales, Baggies, Stash jars, and more We are the largest eCommerce site specializing in digital scales specifically designed to weigh and measure herbs. In your search to buy a scale, you might have found out that many different types of scales are on the market. It can be a daunting task to find something that fits your needs.

Scales sold on all pass our 3 step quality control process

  • Accuracy

    All of our digital scales are calibrated and tested for accuracy using OIML Class F1 calibration weights to ensure that they are as accurate as possible.

  • Reliability

    All of the components used to construct our digital scales have been stress tested to ensure that they will hold up and remain reliable over time.

  • Longevity

    We don't source the cheapest parts that we can find. Many different companies are producing digital scales nowadays and it seems like the quality has gone by the wayside. Sure you can buy a digital scale for $10 from a seller on E-bay that ships it from China. The old saying holds true "You get what you pay for". We use quality parts that are built to last. You don't have to worry about your scale breaking down on you three weeks after you purchase it. You don't have to worry about your scale becoming inaccurate after a couple of months.

Accuracy is extremely important

Digital pocket scales are our best selling product category on Pocket scales are designed in a way so that they are very easy to use and come with no unnecessary features. They are also designed with maximum portability in mind, all of our pocket scales are roughly the size of a modern smartphone. This allows you to be able to bring them with you and not have to carry around something the size of a large brick whenever you want to weigh something on the go.

Our pocket scales weigh in increments of either 0.1 grams (1/10th of a gram) or 0.01 grams (1/100th of a gram) and generally up to multiple hundreds of grams depending on the particular pocket scale. Although they do have other weighing modes such as ounces, pennyweight, grains, and more most of our customers looking for portable scales only need to weigh per gram.

Digital scales can mean life and death

We have a lot of medical patients that have been diagnosed with life-threatening diseases using our scales. They weigh out their minerals, herbs, and other homeopathic treatments with our scales. In these cases, you have to be certain your scale is accurate or it could be the difference between life and death.

Although the majority of the people using our scales are not facing dire consequences like this we want to make sure every scale we sell here is accurate because sometimes our scales are used for very important and critical tasks. With you can be certain your medical scale is going to be accurate out of the box. 

Best Gram Scale

Every scale that we sell weighs in increments of one gram or less, most weigh in either 0.1 or 0.01 grams (1/10th or 1/100th). For that reason, if you are looking to buy a medicinal gram scale you really cannot go wrong with any of the scales we sell here.

We offer six different types of digital scales here, each one has different uses and needs. Depending on what you use the scale for and what your particular needs are will determine what the best scale for you is. The following are the five types of scales that we offer here; Pocket scales, stealth scales, large platform scales, dispensary scales, and milligram scales. Below I will explain the benefits of each category of scales.

Many of our customers dry, grind and package their own seaweed and freshwater weeds. Our gram scales are the best weed scales for all freshwater weeds as well as seaweeds. If you need to buy a weed scale for either freshwater or seaweeds our digital gram scales are your best option.

Digital Scales we offer

Pocket Scales Pocket Scales are our most popular scale category because they're portable, easy to use with a high capacity, and offer precise measurements as low as 0.01g (1/100th of a gram). The only negative of pocket scales are the small weighing platforms (usually around 3 inches by 3 inches).

However, if you want a small portable scale the surface can only be so large. Most of our pocket scales come with an expansion tray if you need more weighing area. Our pocket scales are great for those looking to invest in a medical scale.

Pocket Scales Large Platform Scales are real time savers. Many large herb scales for sale only weigh in increments of one gram or higher. For all the people weighing expensive items like specialty herbs, minerals, and vitamins it makes it impossible to use a large scale because it isn't precise enough.

This isn't an issue with any of our large scales. Many of our platform scales weigh in increments of 1/10th of a gram (0.1g).

Anyone looking for a medicinal herb scale cannot go wrong with any of our large scales. A large scale is a great investment because it can turn a job that would take 15 minutes on a pocket scale into a 1-minute job.


Pocket Scales Stealth Scales offer a refreshing look at what has traditionally been a boring product. All of our stealth scales could also be classified as "pocket scales". They are small, portable, and easy to use except they have the added bonus of being disguised as something else.

Stealth scales are great for those that want to leave their scale in plain view where it's easy to access but not obvious to anyone that might see it. We offer scales disguised as CD cases, coffee mugs, iphone, flip phones, ashtrays, matchboxes, soda cans and more.

Pocket Scales Milligram Scales are for those who demand an ultra-precise scale you will find what you need in the milligram scale section. These scales have a small weighing surface that goes up to 20 to 100 grams but offer measurements in 1/100ths of a gram.

Milligram scales make a perfect herb scale for medical uses as well as do it yourself vitamin and mineral mixtures.

Pocket Scales Dispensary Scales - In the recent years, medical dispensaries have exploded. We proudly carry digital scales that meet all the legal requirements for medical dispensaries. If you are looking to invest in a medical dispensary scale you cannot go wrong with any of our dispensary grade digital scales.

We specialize in digital scales, but we offer a number of different items here at

Calibration Weights - What good is a digital scale if it isn't accurate. The answer is not good at all. Keep in mind every scale we sell has to pass our three-step quality control process and it also has to be calibrated and score within .01% accuracy. This will save you time when you first get your scale as it will be accurate and ready to use directly out of the box. However, that does not mean that it will always be accurate.

Because digital herb scales are precise instruments things like excessive heat, cold, humidity or weight left on the surface for extended periods of time can cause the scale to become inaccurate. If this happens to your scale you will need a calibration weight in order to calibrate your digital scale again. That is why we always recommend that our customers also invest in a calibration weight when they purchase their scale. Any calibration weight will not do, each scale has its own calibration weight that it requires. Some of our more accurate scales also require multiple calibration weights. At the bottom of each product page, it will list the specific calibration weight you will need for that particular scale.

Rechargeable Batteries - The thing we hate the most is throwing our dead batteries and buying new ones. That is why we offer a complete selection of rechargeable batteries from A to (9)V and everything in between.

Stash Jars - Since we specialize in digital scales we are able to offer stash jars at much less than our competitors. If you are looking for a place to put your herbs, vitamins, and more a stash jar can be a great investment. It helps to keep everything as fresh as the day you put it in there. Medicinal stash jars are all the rage today and they can make it really easy to show off your personal style. We carry a number of different nug jars as well.